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Club Descriptions
Club Descriptions
collage of clubs and organizations at cherry creek high school
AALC (African American Leadership Council)
Sponsors: Marcus McDavid / Matt Buddington/ Noah Zepelin
Office: W 425
AALC recognizes the strengths, success, contributions, and impact of African-American students. In addition, AALC seek to promote a sense of unity and community within Cherry Creek High School. Students meet and discuss strategies for becoming successful student leaders; involvement in the community, service projects, fundraising, and post-secondary planning.​
ALMA (Creek Latino Leadership Team)
Sponsors: Chris Win / Dayna Perez / Jose Murillo
Office: W 300
ALMA is a gathering of American Latino students that meet to support students in meeting academic and extracurricular success. Students meet and discuss strategies for becoming successful student leaders; involvement in the community, service projects and fundraising. We also focus on helping students plan post-secondary opportunities. All students interested in the Latino culture are welcome.
Alpha Omega
Sponsor: Emily Pool
Office: E 110A
Amnesty International​
Sponsors: ​Stephanie Crecelius
Office: IC 714A
Amnesty International works to protect and secure human rights throughout the world. Members discuss human rights abuses (i.e. disappearances, wrongful imprisonment, torture, etc.) and write letters to government officials and leaders where abuses are occurring, asking for the release of victims and notifying them that atrocities are publicized nationally. The club oversees "Human Rights awareness Week" in December, which concludes with speakers on Friday, highlighting various human rights issues.
Anatomy Club
​Sponsor: Chris Stirrup
​Office: W 439A
​Weekly presentations on anatomy and physiology as well as lectures from professionals in the medical field. The club will also be visiting the cadaver lab. Come hang out and learn!
Animation Film Making​
Sponsor: David Stallings​
Office: FA 600A​
This club is open to any student who wishes to learn how to make a traditional 2D animated film. During the course of the year, club members will produce a short animated film.  In the process, they will learn: concept brainstorming, storyboarding, character design, drawing on cells on an animation peg bar, inking and painting cells, lip syncing, sound recording, and film editing.
Anime Club​
​Sponsor: Paul Anderson​
​Office: W 438
The Anime Club welcomes all members who are interested in the Japanese art form of anime or mange. Students will watch films, play games, and discuss this very  interesting animation technique.
Astronomy Club
Sponsor: Keith Harrison
Office: W 70A
Beyond the Bell (College Access for Everyone)
​Sponsor: Kelly Devitt
​Office: IC 716A
AVID scholars at Cherry Creek High School sponsor free after-school tutoring from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm every Tuesday and Thursday in IC 715 for any student at CCHS looking for additional help in classes. Volunteer teachers from various subject areas work together with students in a relaxed café atmosphere where scholarly pursuits are celebrated. Light snacks are available for a nominal fee and students make friends outside of the classroom setting in a way that facilitates stronger connections to the school. Teachers are available for support, advice and direction regarding academics and college planning. The school provides Metro city bus passes to those students who need transportation home at the conclusion of tutoring.
Big Sisters​
Sponsors: Jessica Robinson / Jamie Weber
Offices: W431
Big Sisters is a school and community service club for junior and senior girls. To be considered for club membership, girls must maintain a 3.0 G.P.A., complete an application and receive three teacher recommendations. To fulfill club duties, members must complete ten community service hours per quarter and attend at least three meetings a quarter. The club is for girls seriously committed to serving Cherry Creek Schools and the Greater Denver Area.
Book Club
Sponsors:Michelyn Gray
Office: Library​
Bowling Club
​Sponsor: Tom Michel
​Office: East
​Provide the opportunity to meet and socialize with students who are interested in learning the skills and techniques of bowling.
BRUINS Broadcasting Network (BBN)
​Sponsor: David Gamelin
​Office: FA 622
​BBN produces the Friday video announcements every week. From taping to editing, the video is produced completely by students and provides the student body with important information. In addition, special video projects are sometimes undertaken when needed.
Bruins on Bikes
​Sponsor: Christine Garcia
​Office: W 432A
Bruins on Bikes is a casual interest club created for the purpose of promoting cycling for everyone. It aims to provide an environment in which like-minded people can meet to discuss their interterests, while keeping a commitment to welcoming and encouraging new riders. We accept all disiplines and levels of experience. 
Enjoy the Ride. 
Offices: E 92A
Becoming Respectful, United, Insightful, No-Hate, Students (the B.R.U.I.N.S. Squad) aims to break down barriers caused by bias, discrimination, prejudice and stereotypes at Cherry Creek High School and within the community. Community service and facilitations by club members will be held for other clubs and outside groups to educate in the understanding and breaking of barriers. BRUINS Squad works closely with the ADL (Anti Defamation League) in promoting their goals for a "No Place for Hate" environment.​
Campus Life
​Sponsor: Kerry Moyer
Chess Club
​Sponsor: Dana Maudlin
​Office: ESC Building
​To learn and play the game of chess with other interested players. The club also competes in local competitions when available.​
Chinese Club​
Sponsor: Jack Song
Office: W 302A​
The Chinese Club, open to all Cherry Creek High School students. The club organizes cultural events and promotes awareness of the Chinese culture and provides an opportunity for students learning Chinese and anyone else to is interested in learning about Asian culture. Students interact with Cherry Creek High School students and the Denver area Chinese community.​
Chinese Honor Society​
Sponsor: Jack Song
Office: W 302A​
The purpose of this club is to honor students for high achievement in Chinese Language class and to provide an outreach program to the Chinese Community. To attend, one must apply for membership and have an "A" in Chinese for at least two consecutive semesters.​
COLT/Soar​  (
​Sponsors: Mike Goeglein / Theresa Morris / Tim Kirkpatrick
​Office: W 84B
Climbing Wall: W 87 - Thursday, 3-6 pm​
Meeting: W 201 - Tuesday, 3-5 pm​

​COLT, Creek Outdoor Leadership Training, brings young people together to connect, accept, challenge, and grow through adventure experiences. Through trips and activities, COLT aims to enrich students' academic, social, and leadership development while challenging the Colorado recreational environment. Instructional trips are planned by club members. Previous trips have included: Climbing Colorado 14ers, Snow Camping, Mountain Biking, Caving, Backpacking, Ice and Rock climbing. Any student can join COLT Club at any time throughout the year.

SOAR is a club designed for Adventure Leaders to expand on their leadership experiences. To become an Adventure Leader you must take the Adventure and Adventure Leadership Training classes. One can be a member of SOAR if you have completed this training, even if one are not currently leading a class.

Comic Book Club 

​Sponsors: Tom Michel

​Office: E 402 A
​​The purpose of this club is to use comic books to build literacy and discussion. We donate comics to help charities around the community and help others in the community as our "super heroes" do.
Computational (Biology Club)
​Sponsor: Kaitlin Wanberg
Office: W 428A 
Cooking Club
Sponosr: Michelle Barber
​Office:W 544A
​Purpose: To learn cooking techniques and enjoy the art of food preparation.
Cybersecurity Club
Sponsor: Anna Margaret Wetterer
​Come learn more about the security of the web as well as in operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS. Explore learning Unix operating systems using Ubuntu and networking using Cysco. In addition, you can apply these skills in the Cyber Patriot competition and learn about hacking through our Capture the Flag throughout the year.
Creek Connects
Sponsors: Deana Tucker
Office: IC 710
Creek Connects is a program consisting of juniors and seniors who mentor the newly arriving freshman class. It is designed to provide information, facilitate a smooth transition, and a connection for incoming freshman.                  
​Sponsors: Beth Adolphi / Erica Padzik / Dan Sheeks​
​Office: W 213A​
​DECA is an association of Marketing students. Membership in DECA is limited to students in Marketing (junior level students) and Marketing II (senior level students) classes at Cherry Creek High School . DECA is an extremely active club that develops business leadership skills through competitive events held at the local, district, state and national levels. Students study various business and marketing topics including sales, promotion, economics, international marketing and entrepreneurship. Marketing and DECA students have several opportunities throughout the year to participate in charitable community and social activities. Senior level DECA students also run and operate the school's West Cafeteria, known as the Creek Café.​
Destination Imagination
​​Sponsor: Mary Ann Goff
Office: E 307
Destination Imagination is a team-based, problem-solving competitive program that teaches critical thinking, analytical and creative problem solving that encompass science, technology, engineering, math, theater and the arts through hands-on educational challenges.  Student teams solve open-ended Challenges and present their solutions at Tournaments where the teams are tested to think on their feet, work together and devise original solutions that satisfy the requirements of the problem or “Challenges.”  The program emphasizes creativity, innovation and collaboration.​
Disc Golf Club 
Sponsor: Jeremy Gilbert
​Office: W301A
​Disc golf club is a club that promotes and enables students to play the fine sport of disc golf. The club meets every Monday after school at village greens park. All communication and records is uploaded through the cherry creek high school disc golf website. Anyone is welcome to join at any time. 


Dungeons and Dragons
​Sponsor: Kerstin Daum-Schultz
​Office: IC 718B 
​To seek out new life and new civilizations and boldly play dungeons and Dragons where no one has gone before.
​Sponsor: Jeff Boyce
​​Office: W 419A
​​A club dedicated to promoting and developing environmentally conscious practices at both a local and global level in order to preserve the environment and our future.
​Sponsor: Chris Stirrup
​Office: W 439A
​Excalibur is a boys' service organization affiliated with Round Table International, a professional men's service club located in Denver. Sophomore, junior and senior boys who are willing to devote time, attend meetings, and work diligently are eligible for membership. Applications are available in early spring for the following school year.
Existentialist Club
Sponsor: Jason Foster
​Office: E 202A
​Come join for interesting, Socratic seminar style, existential conversations! Our members choose our topics. So if you enjoy these converations styles, this is the place for you. ​​
FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)
​Sponsors: Michael Goodman​
​Office: W 213A
​​FBLA, Future Business Leaders of America, is an organization for students preparing for careers in business. Members develop leadership skills, meet and work with business leaders, and participate in FBLA activities. Fundraising, community service, sponsoring school events, and attending competitions are just some of FBLA's activities. Competitions are held at various locations, including Vail and out of state cities such as Anaheim, CA and Washington, DC.
FCCLA (Family, Career & Community Leaders of America)
​Sponsor: Katie Sieraga
​Office: W 211A
Membership in FCCLA is open to any student that has taken or is currently taking a Consumer and Family Studies course. The national Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America student organization has 250,000 members. Nutrition, fashion, interior design, child development, family, and related careers determine the year's projects in community service, state and national competitions, leadership training and networking in the community and with universities. FCCLA is an integral component of the Consumer and Family Studies classroom and department.
FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)
Sponsor: Mark Goldsberry
Office: W 201A​
​To present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes touches millions of lives. Since 1954, the FCA has been challenging coaches, and athletes on the professional, college, high school and youth levels to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ. FCA is the largest interdenominational, school-based, Christian sports organization in America. It focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ. 
Figure Drawing
Sponsor: Dave Stallings
Office: FA 600A 
Film Club
​Sponsor: David Gamelin
​Office: FA 622
The purpose of Film Club is to explore film-making through creation of films. Students are asked to document school events such as Spirit Week, Ethnic Fest, and CCHS's annual musical. Students also discuss and study movie classics and the art of film direction.
Fine Print​
Sponsor: Vernal Pope
Office: E 206 A
Fine Print is a nationally recognized literary magazine of the arts. It features student writers, artists, photographers, composers, and poets. This student-edited publication is printed once a year and showcases CCHS's top artistic and literary talent.​
French Club
Sponsor: Paul Cronin
​Office: IC 718B
​​The French Club’s goal is to promote an awareness of French culture and language. Various opportunities are provided outside the classroom setting. The requirements for membership are an interest in the French language and culture. Students do not need to be enrolled in a French class to become a member.
FX Special Effects
​Sponsor: Russeel Magerfleisch
German Club
​Sponsor: Kerstin Daum-Schultz
​Office: IC 718B
​Membership in German Club is open to anyone interested in learning more about German culture. It is not limited to German students. Activities are determined by club members and include picnics, attending films, Ethnicfest, cooking German meals and dining at German restaurants. Members organize service projects throughout the year. Meetings are held twice a month unless additional meetings are necessary.
German Honor Society
​Sponsor: Susanne Smith
​Office: IC 718B
​​German Honor Society (or Delta Epsilon Phi) is a national honor society for outstanding German students founded through the American Association of Teachers of German. Membership in the honor society celebrates student accomplishment and involves students in school and community service projects. To become a member, each student must maintain a 3.6 grade point average in German studies with a minimum of three semesters to qualify, and a 3.0 overall GPA. Cherry Creek chapter activities include participation in Homecoming and Ethnic Fest, patronage of German establishments and cultural events in the community, and service projects. Members are required to record 10 service hours per year, achieved through tutoring, (in German and other subjects), club and individual service projects. A yearly car wash, with proceeds going to Denver's Project Angel Heart, the March of Dimes, and Habitat for Humanity.
Girls Up
​Sponsor: Jodi Best
​Office:​ IC 701A 
​Girl Up is a club that helps fundraise money for girls in third world countries. 
​​Health Sciences Leadership
​Sponsor: Jim Commerford
Hearts for the Hollies
​Sponsor: Kelly Devitt
​Office: IC 720A
​The purpose of Holly Hills Community Partnership is to fundraise for Holly Hills and Holly Ridge Elementary and to foster a relationship between the community, Creek and the studens at the Hollies.
Homes For Hope (Habitat)
​Sponsor: Carlye Holladay
​​Office: FA 624
Interact Club
​Sponsor: Sarah Campbell
​​Office: W 300A
​​Interact is a service organization works in conjunction with Rotary International to organize community and international service projects. The club welcomes everyone and meets twice monthly.
International Exchange Club
​Sponsors: Lara Long
​​Offices: IC 718 B
​The International Exchange Club seeks to involve Cherry Creek students with students arriving at Cherry Creek High School from other countries, especially the foreign exchange students. This club promotes understanding and friendship between students of different cultures and backgrounds. Activities include participation in school events and celebrations of other cultures.
Jewish Student Connection
​Sponsor: Cayle Dwyer
​Office: E 429C
​The Jewish Student Connection is an organization designed to prepare students to be more informed about and involved in the Jewish Community.  In addition, this club promotes knowledge of the Jewish World and current events in order to create a better understanding of the Jewish Community.
Juggling / Unicycling Club
​Sponsor: Karl Mimmack
​Office: W 439A
​This club is open to anyone interested. Whether you know how to juggle or not, come to the juggling / unicycle club to learn balls, bags, rings, and clubs juggling as well as Diabolo (also called the Chinese Yo-yo) and cigar boxes. You can learn to ride a unicycle and maybe even the giraffe unicycle. The club entertains at local events and local Elementary school assemblies.​
Key Club
​Sponsors: Dee Dee Hicks and Steve Smith
​Offices: E 94B and W 429F
​Key Club is open to students, grades 9-12. Students work on various school and community service projects. Key Club members are recognized nationally for their good citizenship and leadership.​
​​Latin Club
​Sponsor: Amy Crecelius
​Office: IC 705A
​Latin Club is an organization following the guidelines of the Junior Classical League (JCL). The objective of the club is to promote the study of the classics by working with JCL. The club participates in intramural activities between different clubs, as well as attends the state convention, entering contests at the state event. Latin Club meets once a month unless other meetings are necessary.​
Magic the Gathering
​Sponsor: Candace LeFebre​
​Office: Activities
​​The purpose is for students to get together to play the game on students own devices.
Math Club 
​Sponsor: Cayel Dwyer / Jim Padavic
​Office: W 309
​Math Club is to promotes good spirited mathematical competition both within Cherry Creek and among other schools in Colorado and nationwide.​
Mental Health Initiative
​Sponsor: Chris Meagher
​Office: E 87A
Model UN
​Sponsors: Ashley Jordan
​Offices: East
​This club allows students to learn about current world issues while playing the role of "delegates" from their assigned countries at a competitive Model UN conferences held throughout the school year. The club members practice research and speaking skills while learning about the successes and limits of world diplomacy in a fun and interactive environment. An optional one semester of independent study general credit is also available to club members.​
National Art Honor Society​
​Sponsor: Alisandra Seelaus/Efong Yee
​​Office: FA 600A
​​National Art Honor Society recognizes students for their achievement in the visual arts. The Society fosters excellence and a dedicated spirit in the pursuit of fine arts. Qualifications for membership require a recommendation from the art faculty; and the completion of 3 visual art classes with a minimum B grade average in the art classes.
National Honor Society
​Sponsors: Benham / Mimmack / Kraft /Critchett /DeShay
​Offices: FA 625
Creek NHS Website​
​National Honor Society is a nationally recognized organization centered around scholarship, citizenship, service and character. Cherry Creek NHS members participate in a wide variety of tutoring and community service opportunities in the school and community.

Each spring, there is an application process for the admission of new members. In order to be eligible for membership during the 2016-17 school year, students must maintain a weighted cumulative GPA of 3.75. Students are chosen for membership based on an application process that evaluates qualities of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Once admitted, Cherry Creek NHS members are expected to uphold the highest standards of excellence, to contribute 16 hours of tutoring and community service each semester, attend club meetings, and participate in NHS-sponsored events. Additional information about expectations and activities can be found on the NHS websites.​

Open Arms​ (Best Buddies)
​Sponsor: Tess Simpson
​Office: E 98
​Open Arms is an after school club mainstreaming developmentally disabled and mentally challenged students with our general school population. Through physical education, fine arts and recreational activities this club hopes to enhance student awareness of each other.​
Peak at Creek
​Sponsor:Ms. DeShay 
​Office: E 206A
​Peak at Creek welcomes all students in its effort to create an environment that is conducive to tackling fears and concerns of students in the process of test preparation and college-readiness by providing a collaborative, constructive community. We provide SAT and ACT materials and overviews to help guide students on their path to reaching their individual peaks. At club meetings students collaborate, ask questions, and are given the confidence to practice individually and solidly their knowledge base for these standardized tests. We always welcome new members!
Peer Ambassadors​
​Sponsors: Katie Gallegos / Shelly Johnson​
​Office: Counseling
Peer Ambassadors Website
​Juniors are invited to apply to the Peer Ambassador Program during spring semester. Applicants are selected and trained in preparation to serve as a Peer Ambassador during their senior year. Peer Ambassadors promote goodwill to help make CCHS a smaller, more supportive environment for all students. Peer Ambassadors are housed in the Counseling Office and offer a variety of services including: tutoring, hosting orientations/outreach activities, tours, check-in, and mentoring.
Photography Club
​Sponsor: Todd Adams
​Office: IC 707A
​Photography club is open for all students at Cherry Creek High who are interested in learning more about photography in terms of camera operations, Photoshop, and composition. We will have 3 competitions per semester whereby students are shooting various projects, editing their digital images, and printing them for our internal competition. Each semester we have a show whereby students work is displayed for our photo art show in Dec and May. Club meets in the Career & Technical Education building on Creek's campus every Tues afternoon for 1 hour.
Physics Club
​Sponsor: Keith Harrison
​​Office: W 527A
Physics Club is co-sponsored by the AP Physics and Physics Honors teachers and offers interested students the opportunity of cooperative test preparation with teacher availability during pre-test afternoon study sessions. During AP Physics Club meetings, additional curricular activities are occasionally scheduled, such as lectures, tests, and culminating activities of project assignments.
Plant Lovers Club
​Sponsors: Shuman Smith / Crecelius
​Office: W 546A​
Play Strong Cherry Creek
​Sponsor: Karl Mimmack
​Office: W 439A
The purpose of this club is to bring about awareness and participation to Cherry Creek High School about Play Strong Colorado’s purpose and events which involves fundraising for cancer research.  In partnership with Play Strong Colorado, Play Strong Cherry Creek helps host the ’50K for Faye’ run in the fall and the ‘Dam Cancer Run’ in the spring.
Poetry Club
​Office: E 206A
​The purpose of this club is to learn about poets, explore different forms of poetry, create poetry and analyze personal works.
Poverty Initiative
​Sponsor: Kim Kort
​Office: IC 714B
​Come help fundraise and discuss how WE can help those in need in other countries.
Presidents' Club​
​Sponsor: Krista Keogh
​Office: IC 720B
​The President’s Club is comprised of all club Presidents within the school. Their purpose is to unify the Creek student body, and strengthen local community service efforts. During their monthly meetings, the President’s Club goal is to amplify the potential of the many organizations within Cherry Creek, working together to promote the synergy, and to unify the Creek student body. ​
Recycling Club
​Sponsors:Jeff Boyce
​Office: W 419A
​Our goal is to raise environmental awareness and appreciation. We run the paper-recycling program for the entire campus. Our members are “the muscle” behind this program and use off periods or devote time after school every day to help empty receptacles. On average, our efforts help save 80 trees, 33,600 gallons of water, and reduce 19.2 cubic yards of solid waste per month.
Robotics Team Club
Sponsors: Carlson / Carter / Horrell / Neel
Office: W 529G
Running Club
​Sponsor: Holly Lane
​Office: W 84A​
​​Ski Club
​Sponsor: Rae Lynn Young / Jeff Boyce
​Office: W 90A
​Purpose: To build excitement for skiing through the viewing and discussion of various cost-free extreme skiing films and to raise awareness for the sport of free skiing.
SPOT (Suicide Prevention of Teens)​
SPOT raises awareness of suicide within the Cherry Creek Community. Members listen and help regardless of the circumstances. This club encourages teens to seek help from friends, family members and/or adults if they express thoughts of harming themselves, and encourage students to embrace life.
Science Bowl (Science Competition)
​Sponsor: Jeremy Gilbert
​Office: W 103A
​The National Science Bowl is a high school academic competition held in the United States. Two teams of four students each compete to answer various science-related questions. In order to determine which student has the right to answer the question, a buzzer system is used, similar to Jeopardy. The national Science Bowl has been organized and sponsored by the United States Department of Energy since 1991. The goal of this club is to promote interest and foster general understanding of various fields of science, including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Computer Science, General Science, and Earth Science. Members improve their ability to quickly and coherently apply a wide range of scientific concepts to specific problems.​
Science Olympiad​
​Sponsor: Christine Garcia​​
​Office: W 527A
​Science Olympiad (S.O.) is a national academic competition consisting of twenty-three events in the fields of Biology, Earth and Space Science, Chemistry, and Physics. Students demonstrate the abilities they have acquired in three distinct areas of the science curriculum. These involve:
(i) Display of knowledge, (ii) Demonstration of technical laboratory skills, and most importantly, (iii) Applying the defining characteristic of science — experimentation — to long term “science fair” type problems and proving that on a level playing field, in head-to-head competition, one can discover the best solution and become the most insightful scientist/engineer at the tournament. Every event is endorsed by the National Science Foundation and is aligned with the national and state science standards (available upon request). Despite the high standards, over 150,000 students participate nationally. Because of the breadth and depth of scientific involvement required to develop a successful team, S.O. is the most highly regarded science competition in the nation and reflects the quality of a school’s science program.​
Sign Language Club​
​Sponsor: Jennifer Jones​
​​Office: IC 730A
Sign Language Club is open to all students that wish to learn the basics of Sign Language. Throughout the year we will learn how to hold a basic conversation, have guest speakers, learn to sing songs, watch movies, and explore the deaf community and culture in Colorado.  
​Sponsor: Mike Goeglein / Theresa Morris Tom Kirkpatrick
​Office:W 87A
Spanish Honor Society​
​Sponsor: Jamie Hofmeister/Katie Hester
​Office: IC 730A
​The purpose of Spanish Honor Society is to recognize students for high achievement in Spanish and to provide them with opportunities to serve others. Members apply for scholarships through the national organization. To be inducted, they must have a 3.75 GPA in Spanish, be currently enrolled in Spanish III or above, have sophomore standing (having completed three semesters at Cherry Creek High School), and be recommended by their Spanish teacher. Activities have included delivery of food baskets to needy Hispanic families in Denver, retreats, dinners in Spanish speaking environments, tutoring, and partnerships with bilingual schools.​
Spectrum / Gay Straight Alliance
​Sponsor: Natasha Utterback / Peter Hornbein
​​Office: East
​This gay/straight alliance is devoted to affirming tolerance for all students at Creek. The club shows movies, holds discussions, and takes positive action to educate Creek on issues of diversity.​
Speech and Debate​​
​Sponsor: Marti Benham ​/ Carlye Holladay / Emily Cave
​Office FA 625
​The Cherry Creek Speech and Debate Team is a competitive, co-curricular team that involves more than 260 students each year. The team participates in 20-22 local, regional, and national tournaments annually. The Cherry Creek Speech and Debate Team maintains the largest Colorado chapter of the National Forensics League, a national honor society. The Cherry Creek Speech and Debate Team ranks in the top ten nationally each year and is a continued recipient of the prestigious "NFL 500 Club Award.” Students enroll in Beginning Debate during the 9th or 10th grade year and may continue into an Advanced Speech and Debate class after completing Beginning Debate. Students may compete in up to twelve different events that highlight their talents and enhance their public speaking skills. Students may participate in Cross-Examination Debate, Lincoln Douglas Debate, or Public Forum Debate to improve and demonstrate their argumentation and research skills while debating matters of public policy or philosophy. Original Oratory allows students to prepare a memorized speech about a topic of their choice. Extemporaneous Speaking enhances public speaking skills while focusing on current national and international events. Interpretation events allow students to showcase their acting skills while performing literature that is dramatic, humorous, or poetic. Students may also participate in Duo Interpretation, which allows them to work with a partner to bring literature to life for the audience. Student Congress is a mock congress that affords students the opportunity to debate and discuss matters of current public policy.
Students Againsts Cruelty to Animals
​Sponsor: Candace LeFebre
​Office: IC 720
Students for Gun Control
​Sponsor:Jodi Best
​Office: IC 701A ​
Student Senate​
​Sponsor: Krista Keogh​
​Office: IC 720B
​Student Senate is Creek’s student government. Its purpose is to serve the student body of CCHS. It achieves this by listening to and working with students to review issues impacting the Creek community. This is accomplished by establishing good lines of communication between students and the administration. Student Senators serve on various school and district committees and represents the student body at School Board and PTCO meetings. Student Senate provides activities, such as Homecoming Spirit Week, Snowball and Wish Week throughout the year to give students a break from the rigorous academic pressures. Membership is limited to 40 students. Students are elected to their positions during each spring for the following school year; incoming 9th graders are elected at Creek’s feeder middle schools (Campus Middle School and West Middle School). 
Tech Club
​Sponsor: Anna Margaret Wetterer
Swing Dance Club
​Sponsor: Lara Long
​Office: IC 718B
​Sponsor: Conley Flynn
​Office: W 527
​Sponsor: Mhari Doyle
Office: FA 653A
​The Cherry Creek High School Fine Arts Department presents three major productions: a fall play, a spring musical and a spring play. The productions encompass more than just acting and singing. There is a wide variety of area for students to become involved in the productions with make-up, props, costuming, set construction, tech crew, sound and lighting. Through numerous hours of preparation, a strong camaraderie is formed between students.​
Union Street Journal​
​Sponsor: Yoni Fine
​Office: IC 703A
​The Union Street Journal is the school newspaper, which is staffed and published by CCHS students for an audience of students, faculty, and community residents. Its content includes school and community events, curricular and extracurricular activities, special features, and entertainment. Students who are awarded staff positions receive credit for their work. Future editorial positions will require registration in the Newspaper Class.​
Video Game Club
​Sponsor: Megan Schnicke
​Office: ILC
​The Video Game Club provides a wetting for students to play video games in a fair and competitive atmoshphere and establish interactive activities involving various games.
​Sponsor: Michelle Scott
​Office: IC 705
Class members will plan and produce the Cherry Creek yearbook, The Patriot. Students will be responsible for every aspect of the production of the yearbook: photography, planning and design layouts, researching and writing copy, writing photo captions and headlines. Meeting deadlines to create the yearbook often will require time, not only class, but also after school, evenings, and/or weekends.
​Sponsor: Kari Peterson
​Office: W 439A
Young Life Club
​Sponsor: Brock Felchle
​Office: W 86B
​Young Life is an organization established at Creek to provide a place for students to gather and foster their growth as people and in their faith. Parnering adults from the community offer mentoring and support.
Young Politicians (Political Awareness)
​Sponsor: Tom Michel
​Office: E 402A
​Young Politicians is a group of students eager to create a positive effect in the community by developing greater political awareness. During meetings they have fun debating political issues and planning activities.​
Youth Advisory Board (YAB)
​Sponsors: Michael Mazenko
​Offices: W 543B
Youth Advisory Board, or YAB, is a diverse group of Cherry Creek High School students whose goal is to promote, encourage, and model a healthy lifestyle. YAB is an open and voluntary leadership club using events and experiences to cultivate a positive student culture, encouraging all students to achieve personal and academic success. YAB's mission statement challenges students to learn new skills, practice responsibility, and provide leadership in our school and community, and the club sponsors Red Ribbon Week in the fall and Ethnic Fest in the spring.
Bands, Choirs and Orchestras
Color Guard / Winter Guard​
​Sponsor: Tim Libby​
​Office: FA 640A
​Color Guard, an important element of the Marching Band, is responsible for presenting the American flag at home football games and is the visual accent to the Marching Band's performance. Winter Guard participates in their own competitions during the winter sports season.​
Jazz Bands​​
​Sponsors: Tim Libby / Sarah Wynes​
​​Office: FA 640A
​The Jazz Bands are composed of small groups of students who play wind instruments supported by a rhythm section that performs jazz, rock, and Latin music from various historical periods. Participation is by audition only. Auditions take place in March.​
Marching Band
​Sponsor: Tim Libby / Sarah Wynes​
​Office: FA 640A
​The Marching Band is made up of wind instrument players, percussion instrument players, and color guard members. The Marching Band represents Cherry Creek High School in various school, local, state, national, and international events. Students must be enrolled in a band class in order to participate. Exceptions for this rule can be made at the director's discretion.​
Pep Band​
​Sponsor: Tim Libby​
​Office: FA 640A
​The Pep Band represents the Marching and Jazz Bands at activities and athletic events, when the full marching Band (140 members), cannot perform.​
Percussion Ensemble​
​Sponsors: Tim Libby / Dana Slabaugh​
​Office: FA 640A
​The Percussion Ensemble is the drum section of the Marching Band. In addition, this group performs percussion literature on their own, independent of the Marching Band. Percussion Ensemble performs at CCHS's annual Ethnic Fest and other related musical events.​
Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble​
​Sponsors: Tim Libby / Dana Slabaugh​​
​Office: FA 640A​
​These are select groups of winds and percussion. They meet as classes and perform throughout the year.​
A Cappella Choir​
​Sponsor: Sarah Harrison / Adam Cave​
​Office: FA 641A / FA 641B
​A Cappella Choir is a mixed ensemble of 10-12 grade students. It is a non-audition group and is composed of 90 members. All students are welcome to join and do not need previous experience in choirs.​
​Sponsor: Sarah Harrison​
​Office: FA 641A​
​This choir is made up of ninth grade girls. It is a non-audition group. The Choralaires perform a variety of literature throughout the year at school concerts.​
Girls' 21
​Sponsor: Adam Cave​
​Office: FA 641B
​Girls' 21 is a women's choir of 40-50 members, selected through audition. This choir performs regularly in the school and community and travels both nationally and internationally.​
​Sponsor: Sarah Harrison​
​Office: FA 641A​
​This group is comprised of 38-50 junior and senior students who perform classical literature from around the world. This ensemble is for the student who wishes to audition for a choir that performs regularly. National and international tours occur on alternating years.​
​Sponsor: Adam Cave
​Office: FA 641B​
​This choir is open to all 9th grade boys. No audition is required. We perform varied literature throughout the year at concerts and in the community.
​Sponsor: Sarah Harrison​​
​Troubadors is a singing group open to male students, faculty, fathers, and community members. The ensemble meets Tuesday and Thursday mornings October through December and again march through May. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.​
Union Street Jazz
​Sponsor: Adam Cave​​​
​Office: FA 641B​​
​This is a performing group of 15 to 25 singers and a rhythm section that meets as a regular class throughout the school year with extra-required rehearsals. The emphasis of the course and club is to expose students to the professional standards of vocal music.​
Concert and Symphonic Orchestra​
​Sponsor: Jennifer Poole​
​Office: FA 642A
​Orchestra (Concert and Symphonic) meets as a class and performs through the year. Attendance at occasional evening and outside concerts is mandatory.​
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