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GT Parent Night: January 24, 2019 6-8 pm; Library

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau
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Our goal is to inspire CCHS Gifted and Talented students to channel their giftedness into learning. Students are encouraged to take the most rigorous courses we offer, including honors and Advanced Placement. Those whose gifts include athletics or the arts will find many options to help them pursue those talents and passions.

CCHS does not offer a specific Gifted and Talented course; you will find that most of the Gifted and Talented students tend to take honors and AP classes as taking advantage of rigorous courses is an important piece in the pursuit of college. The AP program offers students the flexibility to concentrate on areas of strength or interest. Some students take as many AP courses as they can, but others may choose to pursue the challenge in, say, math and/or science while taking College Prep level courses in English or social studies. Students who successfully pass AP exams may be awarded college credit, depending on where they choose to attend, and the AP courses offer good preparation for the realities of college academics.

I encourage you to look at what we have to offer in academics, athletics, arts, and extracurricular activities and to contact me with any questions.

Michael Mazenko, GT Coordinator

 8th Grade Information Night

January 29, 2019

6:30-8:30 pm
CCHS Library

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Life at Creek
Cherry Creek High School is very unique. It has a campus of 4 main buildings, and students have the opportunity to freely move about campus as well as off campus (with parent permission) during their non-scheduled hours. To prepare students for the college experience, students self-schedule in the spring, are encouraged to attend group and individual study sessions with teachers outside of class hours, and need to see department coordinators as well as counselors to make schedule changes during the school year. Arena schedule changes (as offered in many colleges and universities) take place at scheduled times at the beginning of each semester.
Students are actively encouraged to "make the school smaller" by joining clubs, taking part in athletics, and in attending school activities such as pep assemblies, school-sponsored dances, etc. After all, as cited on the website of a highly selective large university, "You can make a large school small, but you can't make a small school large."

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​ "My middle school had 30 kids in it. You thought your school was small. Bring it on! Creek offers (due to its size and diversity) so many things for every kind of person; any person can find a niche and a group of others who share the same interests. That's what tons (oodles even) of adults look for in life!"


List of AP an​d Honors Classes
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In-Depth Studies

  • Science Research
  • Independent Study
  • Fine Arts Performances and Competitions
  • Speech and Debate Competitions
  • Senior Thesis
  • Socratic Seminar
  • Post Secondary Options
  • Science Fairs

Real Life Experiences

  • Club/Activity Leadership
  • MAL Science
  • Model UN
  • Mock Trial
  • Science and Engineering Careers
  • Student Senate
  • Peer Ambassadors
  • Creek Connects
  • Teacher Assistants
  • Adventure Leaders
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students outside on the field in bags having a relay race


Extra-Curricular Activities

  • 25 Competitive Sports
    • 1900+ Annual Athletic Participants
  • 90+ Clubs
  • Advisory Groups
    • Gifted and Talented Advisory Committee
    • Youth Advisory Committee
    • CCHS Advisory Committees

michael mazenkoMichael Mazenko

Gifted And Talented Coordinator

Phone: 720-554-2185

Schedule: Monday - Friday by appointment

Office: W 543B


  • Consultation with Parents
  • Consultation with Student
    • Special Projects
    • College and Scholarships
  • Individual Counseling
    • Self-Advocacy
    • Personal Issues​

lisa geisslerLisa Geissler, Ph.D.

School Psychologist
(working with Gifted & Talented)

Phone: 720-554-2947

Schedule: Monday - Thursday

Office: Counseling - IC Building


  • Consultation with Twice Exceptional Students
  • Consultation with Parents