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Whom should I call if I have questions?

   for PowerSchool help:

Call: CCHS PowerSchool Help Desk at
Email: cchpowerschool@cherrycreekschools.org
   for grades and attendance in a specific class: contact the teacher​
   for general attendance questions: contact CCHS's attendance office @
   password issues: Only general information about PowerSchool will
be given over the phone or email in order to
ensure the student's privacy. Parents can also
come to the CCHS registrar's office to pick up
passwords, have your student pick up any
passwords after the first week of second semester or request that the passwords be mailed to them. Please be prepared to present a valid ID.​
   or course schedules: Contact your student's counselor.​
Do all teachers post grades and attendance? Yes. The PowerSchool Student Information System pulls this information automatically from the data entered in the teacher's grade book. Grades and attendance information is available for viewing as soon as a teacher enters the information in their grade book.​
How often can we expect attendance to be updated? Teachers are asked to record attendance each
class period. Teachers whose schedules prohibit period-by-period recording (i.e. gym, band) input their attendance by 3:30 pm that day. Teachers may only enter attendance codes for Absence (U), Tardy (T) or Late (L). All other codes such as Excused (E) or Field Trip (F) are entered by attendance clerks. The attendance office enters a wide range of codes as they receive information
from parents, the library, or other locations where attendance is monitored. Procedures for excusing your child from school remain the same.​
What do codes in the grade book and attendance
book represent?


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​     T      Tardy​
L​ ​Late - excused tardy
U​ ​Absent - unexcused
E​ ​Excused absence
​C ​Counseling office
​F ​Field trip
​N ​Nurse's office
​A ​Athletics
​S ​Suspended


What is the school-wide grading scale?
​A+ 98%​
A​ ​92%
​A- ​90%
​B+ ​88%
​B ​82%
​B- ​80%
​C+ ​78%
​C ​72%
​C- ​70%
​D+ ​68%
​D ​62%
​D- 60%​