How to Use PowerSchool Parent Access
In 3 easy steps!
You will need a computer that is connected to the Internet, and can use any recent browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Safari) to access PowerSchool. Access to CCHS PowerSchool can be made from home, work, or a public library.
Click on the PowerSchool>Parent/Student Login link on the CCHS website:
or in the URL address bar of your browser, type the following address:
Enter your username and password here.
New students and freshmen will receive their username and password by mail before September 2, 2009. Usernames and passwords will remain the same for returning students If returning students have forgotten their usernames and passwords, they can be found on their last report card.
​The first screen will show the Grades and Attendance. It will display courses, teacher name, grades and absences/tardies. NOTE: Key Concept in PowerSchool is that anytime you see something in blue, it means that it is a link to more information. Click once to see details of a particular grade or attendance total. For example, if you click on your student's grade under S1 (Semester 1), you will see the Class Score Detail, which includes all assignments and scores. Clicking on the teacher's name will automatically link to his/her e-mail.

Grades and Attendance - Displays the student's current schedule, the last two weeks of attendance, current grades, and attendance totals (see below for more info).
Grades History - Displays all grades that have been stored for your student.
Attendance History - Displays daily attendance for the current term or quarter.
Email Notification – Displays a sign-up page where parents can request various email notifications.​
Teacher Comments - Displays all current teacher comments.
School Bulletin – Displays school bulletin items/announcements.
Class Registration - Cherry Creek is not using the Class Registration feature at this time.
Balance - Cherry Creek is not using the meal balance feature at this time. However, schools may choose to use this function to display fees &/or fines.
Class Score Detail This screen will appear when you click on any grade in blue on the Grades and Attendance screen. You can also click on categories or assignments listed in blue to view additional information. NOTE: If there is an assignment listed but there is a --/100 (assignment points may vary) - check the due date. This may be an assignment that has been listed to make parents aware of an upcoming due date.
​Parents can also request email notifications by clicking on the email notification icon. If you would like to enter more than one email address, they should be separated by a comma.